The Irrational: Fixer Rose could be a good romantic detour for Alec

The fourth episode of The Irrational featured a kidnapping, and some more psychological wrangling by protagonist, Alec Mercer, as he was able to save the day once again.

But the standout for me was the introduction of Rose Dinshaw (Karen David). A corporate fixer, who was brought into assist Alec and ex wife/FBI agent, Marisa, on the case.


The show gave her a solid rollout and plenty of screen time. And they actually had her confidently flirt with Alec on one occasion, and there was some chemistry there.

She’s currently listed for one more episode, I don’t think it would be a bad thing for the show to give Alec a love interest to distract him from the fact that Marisa is also dating that bland FBI agent. Let them go on a double date. That could be fun.

I know, I know, some of you early fans will says “But Alec really cares about Marisa and the two should end up together and ride off into the sunset.”


First, that sounds fine. But we’re only four episodes and I’ve made it plenty clear that happy couples mean bad television. We’ve seen it time and time again (story HERE).

Second, I think it adds dimension to Alec to see him dating someone else. I don’t want this brilliant mind moping around for multiple seasons because he doesn’t get the girl. We’ve also seen that in the past and it makes our heroes look weak.

Regardless of which direction they decide to go in, the show has had a good first month. Let’s see what they line up next.

What do you think of another girlfriend for Alec? Let me know in the comments.

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