Gen V: Some viewers believe Mindstorm could be Cate’s father

n what is a terrific sign for the new show based in “The Boys” universe, fans haven’t been able to stop shooting out theories regarding “Gen V”, and any connections it could share with their senior show.

And one of them is pretty dog-gone interesting moving into this week’s episode.

Some viewers believe that Mind Storm is Cate’s dad.
For the uninitiated, Mind Storm was a member of Soldier Boy’s supe team, Payback. He was killed by Soldier Boy during The Boys last season but not before basically locking Butcher in a never ending nightmare.


Mind Storm is a mind controller like Cate. While Cate puts people under by touching them, Mind Storm had to make eye contact with them.

“Well, that’s just a silly coincidence.” you might say, and you would likely be right.

Except that it looks like we’re getting Soldier Boy this week according to the last trailer we watched.

Most likely in a flashback (it would definitely be news if it’s not) and most likely in a memory that involves Cate’s possible pops.

Now, let’s go ahead and check the box. Mindstorm could also be Rufus’ dad. He’s a mindcontroller too but that would really involve some story telling flexibility.


If Soldier boy is a flashback, it would be perfectly teed up by Cate, considering she was brainwashing her friends at the request of Vought.

Viewers are hungry for some main story tie ins. If Cate does turnout to be Mindstorm’s daughter, it would open up about a dozen more questions.

That’s immersion. And that is good TV.

What do you think about this theory. Let me know in the comments.

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