The Golden Bachelor: Gerry’s upcoming struggles prove love problems never go away

We all know that Gerry Turner will eventually find love again on this first season of “The Golden Bachelor” (imagine the outrage if we got a busted finish) but the teaser for the next couple of weeks prove that despite his wisdom and senior age, that he will struggle to choose a fiancee.

Gerry is smart, successful and a gold looking dude aging cat. But those struggles say something profound about us guys.

The love problems never go away. It is a battle of thoughts that we will always be defeated by.

We’ve seen these young whippersnappers on other seasons of the Bachelor and they’re crying on camera over how tough it is to send these women home. And while the cameras are rolling I don’t doubt it.

And this is a television show. While we love the good nature of the program, how boring would it be to watch everyone peacefully coexist and go skipping off into the limo as they get eliminated?

But I do hope that showrunners will have allowed Gerry to show the younger guys how to handle these moments when its all over.

He kind of already has. I felt that he did an okay job dealing with Kathy, who lost the mind game with Theresa and got eliminated. And also with Nancy, who could see she was following behind and decided to go home.

Which is why I’m hoping that these exaggerations we’re seeing in the trailers are short lived.

Because if Gerry can’t figure it out, and these other successful young dudes who came before him couldn’t either, then we’ve got some real thinking to do.

And that’s because we’re all truly hopeless in matters of the heart.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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