July 24, 2024

The Golden Bachelor: How Kathy lost her “feud” with Theresa

Our big season “beef” (if you want to call civilized conversation a beef) heading into our latest edition of the Golden Bachelor was between Theresa and Kathy. And it would be Kathy who got sent home this week when all the roses were given out.

And it all kinda left us scratching our heads.

This is because I’m not sure that Theresa was ever aware that there was a feud to begin with.


It all started last week when Theresa was boasting to the ladies about how she was growing closer with our bachelor, Gerry, and a couple of the ladies were thrown off by it.

But it was Kathy who confronted Theresa about her remarks.

Only Theresa never let on that she felt like she was doing anything wrong. It was weird, man.

Kathy mentioned that “Theresa is a nice person. But I can’t figure out if she’s dumb as a rock or knows exactly what she’s doing” (story HERE).

And we still don’t know. But we know that Kathy is gone, and while Theresa isn’t really a favorite to be Gerry’s fiancee at this point, what if she gets inside someone else’s head?

If you’re not familiar with her process, she just says these things that open up her up to scrutiny and if she receives it, she runs to tell Gerry.


This isn’t exactly a new tactic but its different when we’ve got a 20 something wannabe influencer leaning into a villain role, than someone who could be our parent or grandparent and might be completely oblivious to what’s happening.

But Kathy allowed Theresa to get in her head. It was Homer Simpson and Frank Grimes all the way (look it up).

Theresa will be an interesting one to watch as we head towards the final stretch.

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