June 23, 2024

Gen V: Victoria Neuman is coming, here is what we know

As many fans speculated, Head Popping Supe, Victoria Neuman is coming to Gen V in the next episode and the stage is set for some real excitement.

There will be plenty of time for theories. Let’s talk about what we actually know.


Victoria Neuman is a Vice Presidential Candidate: This alone already makes the show a must watch, but we’re sure because her name is on the bottom of the ticket on the event banners.

That means as soon as she gets elected, she could pop POTUS’ head and be leader of the free world.

There will be an attack of some type: We see some commotion at what looks like a rally with someone shooting eye beams at the stage and getting danger close to Neuman.

Neuman gives Marie an ultimatum: Marie and Neuman will meet during the episode and she’s telling Marie that she’ll have to pick a path. That could mean a load of things.

Now what we don’t know can fill SoFi stadium. There were many who believed that Neuman could be Marie’s benefactor and then there are potential ties to Shetty. Some fans also believe that Neuman could be setting up Marie to take the fall for killing people because they both seemingly have to the power to blow up body parts.


The action is ramping up nicely after what was kind of a breather episode.

Soldier Boy ended up being a vision in Cate’s head but Jensen Ackles did not disappoint, making the most of his screen time with some more lines that I can’t repeat here.

And with season 2 already greenlit, any plans will have to track into next season.

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