July 15, 2024

Bachelor in Paradise: How Blake played epic defense this week

The most important scene on this week’s Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t on any of the dates, or didn’t have anything do with Cat’s tirade on the beach, or Sam’s poop baby (thanks producers, she was my last favorite).

It was a subtle conversation at the bar during the last twenty minutes of the show. When we had Blake talking to Brayden after Sean just took Jess off for a conversation.


And it was some brilliant Bachelor in Paradise defense.

Blake is counting on Jess for her rose. Brayden was sulking after being ditched by Kat. Aaron S. was missing Sam and giving zero f***

Then Blake pushed Brayden towards Sean’s rose, in former Bachelorette Rachel, who was unaware of Sean’s play for Jess.

“Yeah, but Sean is down there talking to a girl that he wants. Why not talk to the one that he doesn’t want?” he said.

Which makes a profound amount of sense.

Brayden did just that. And it worked like a charm.

It was pretty gangster.

Not that Blake would even need it. Jess quickly turned Sean down, which made the tactic even sweeter by teaching him a tough lesson on going after Blake’s rose.


And the effects don’t stop there.

Aaron S. who was at the bar during the conversation pushed Rachel and Brayden even closer, while irritating Kat. This set up the drama for the rest of the episode.

All of that started from a suggestion from the Bachelor franchise veteran.

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Plus this may have been what got Brayden and Rachel together during a previous live broadcast. Story HERE

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