Loteria Loca felt like a Hispanic Heritage Month rental for CBS

Loteria Loca has been shelved by CBS. There is supposed to be a Christmas episode and the rest of the outings are supposed to be aired at a later date.

CBS premiered the show a month ago during Hispanic Heritage Month, and the show allowed the network to use it as an example of its Hispanic diversity when everyone was watching.

And now it’s gone now that no one is watching. Probably for good whenever and if ever CBS finishes its run.

The show really felt like a rental for “the eye”. If you look across the network’s line up, there really wasn’t anything they could hold up to really appear to be a participant in a month everyone else was actively promoting.

So they rolled it out there for a couple of weeks and dismissed it.

Now, I watch a lot of TV and I check the ratings each day. Loteria Loca wasn’t attracting a lot of eyeballs. But it was also up against Monday Night Football, not a lot of shows can stand up to the NFL. That was a poor strategy deployed by the network.

The show was also tough to follow at times. There isn’t anything else out there like that right now.

Really, both of those objections could have been remedied with some more experimenting but I don’t think the desire was there.

But the appearances were being monitored. You can believe that.

In closing, I don’t want to be pointing at CBS/Paramount and calling them diversity slackers. None of them are running right now but Special Ops Lioness, Rabbit Hole, Picard, and even Fire Country (in its cheesy goodness) all have talented casts that reflect our communities.

Still, pulling the plug on a Hispanic rich show as soon as the month is over? I don’t know.

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