Some fans irked that AMC Screen Unseen wasn’t “The Marvels”

Tonight, AMC kicked off “Screen Unseen”, a program where for only $5 you can seen an unreleased feature. But the catch is that you don’t know which movie you’re watching until the film actually begins (more on that HERE).

For Monday, November 6th, AMC Screen Unseen was “Next Goal Wins” starring Michael Fassbender, directed by Taika Waititi.

Some fans online were disappointed that it wasn’t “The Marvels” the latest Captain Marvel offering from the MCU. What gave them hope that AMC and Disney would make such a generous offering was that they knew that the movie they would be watching was PG-13, just like The Marvels. And also just like “Next Goal Wins”.

Despite understanding the risks, many social media users were disappointed. Next Goal Wins currently has a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes on 38 reviews.

@GraceRandolph my boyfriend and i went to the #AMCScreenUnseen event tonight in the hopes of seeing the marvels early… unfortunately we were shown next goal wins 😭 walked out with a sizable crowd

— Carter James (@cartjams) November 7, 2023


Unfortunately the #AMCScreenUnseen mystery movie was Taika Watiti’s Next Goal Wins and not #TheMarvels so we left the movie theater immediately.

— Emmanuel N. Martey (@menmartey) November 7, 2023

We were sitting there for 20 minutes for them to make an announcement that they couldn’t download the movie in time and they will be issuing out refunds in the lobby 🙄 #AMCScreenUnseen

— MoreReesesPlease (@morereeses13) November 7, 2023

just exchanged my ticket, no chance in hell I’m watching that movie. buying myself a beer + a burrito to celebrate #amcscreenunseen

— 𝙹𝚘𝚎 ↯ (@joelopez4l) November 7, 2023


tonight’s #amcscreenunseen is in fact next goal wins… I appreciate our east coast troops for saving me the drive! 🤮🤢

— 𝙹𝚘𝚎 ↯ (@joelopez4l) November 7, 2023

#amcscreenunseen Next Goal Wins @AMCTheatres

— Christopher B. Watts (@cbwatts1138) November 7, 2023

Some people in the theater were a bit upset audibly… But least we got the Taika Watiti movie instead of something super random. #AMCScreenUnseen

— Jakejames Lugo (@jakejameslugo) November 7, 2023

Well there’s a The Marvels commercial playing so it’s definitely not that #AMCScreenUnseen

— Sam Sweeting (@Sweet_Sam916) November 7, 2023

Sure seems like #AMCScreenUnseen is gonna wind up being #NextGoalWins. Just got a trailer for #TheMarvels.

— Ken Bruno (@kenbruno) November 7, 2023

What do you think? Does this outcome affect you buying a mystery movie ticket? Are you going to see either The Marvels or Next Goal Wins? Let me know in the comments.

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