July 15, 2024

Gen V: Here are two big fan theories behind the exploding you know what

On episode four of Gen V, we get to know Rufus. Rufus is something of a telepath and mind manipulator. Not quite like Cate, but in the same power group.

And Rufus is a piece of s***

You can say this because Marie went to him to try and locate her missing sister, and this POS put her under. And when she came to she was in his dorm room, he had his robe open, and his thing was hanging out.

We see Jordan bust in for the save, but its not really needed.

Because Rufus’ genitalia expands in size and blows up, spraying blood all over Marie.

If you’re keeping score at home this is the second exploding you know what in this mythology. This show. Man, I tell ya.

Anywho, the fans are trying to figure out how this happened. And they’ve led us to two very interesting theories.

Let’s jump right in…

Marie has the power to manipulate the blood in others: We know our lead protagonist can control her blood, even turning it into tentacles and sharp objects. But some viewers believe that she can control the blood in others and used her power to explode Rufus’ thing.

Indira Shetty did it.. because she’s Victoria Neuman’s mom: Fans want someone from The Boys to get involved. And the idea that Dean Shetty is Victoria’s mom opens up the story to an interesting twist while allowing that appearance to occur. We know Shetty has a daughter that she hasn’t been in touch with. Could it be our head exploding member of congress?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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