July 23, 2024

Dancing with the Stars: They’re not voting for Harry, they’re voting for Rylee

Sorry for not blogging Dancing with the Stars for the past few weeks, but I have to make money or else I can’t live anywhere or eat food. Forgive me if all of the details here don’t line up, I didn’t take notes for this post.

But apparently Lele Pons was eliminated this week. That’s shocking because she was a stylish pic to actually win the contest, if she stuck around long enough and managed to steal a round or two from the the frontrunners, it might have been possible.

However, what everyone online is upset about is the fact that Harry Jowsey is still in the contest. I can agree, Harry certainly wasn’t as good as Lele, he might not even be as good as Barry. But he seems like a good dude, so I don’t let it get to me as much as it’s getting to everyone else.

But the truth is that Dancing with the Stars viewers aren’t voting for Harry.

They’re voting for Rylee Arnold.

She’s only 20 but you can already tell that she is going to be a big star. She’s got the looks, the talent, and seems to be a good kid. And ABC loves family connections with continuity like the one she has with Lindsay.

Heck, they gave the Mannings their own Monday Night Football broadcast.

And when you pair that with Harry’s earnestness on the microphone and the gossipers online, there is enough to keep them on the show.

Viewers won’t let a little thing like performances preempt what they actually want to see. Why do you think ABC has got half a dozen villains hanging out on a beach right now trying to get married on another show?

Yeah, losing Lele was wrong. But to the showrunners and many viewers, they’ve got to see the Rylee train go on for a little longer.

Now if Harry outlasts Xochiti, Charity, Jason, or Ariana, then we’ll have to revisit this issue again. Because DWTS social media will indeed flip out.

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