July 24, 2024

Gen V: New Vought ad declares Sam and Cate new “Guardians of Godolkin”

Prime Video’s superb, “go the extra mile” marketing, once again outdid itself with a new ad from Vought praising Sam and Cate as the new “Guardians of Goldokin”.

The spot kicks off with various news footage calling Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Emma murderers before the compliments arrive for Sam and Cate.

“All Americans are safer with heroes like Sam and Cate protecting us, our values, and our way of life.” says the voice before we get hero poses and graphics from Sam and Cate.

That’s not how any of that actually worked out. In fact Cate and Sam were our villains, and the ad left out the fact that it took Homelander himself to save them from the good guys. When the season finale aired last week, our actual heroes were in some bizarre medical ward with no doors.

If you watch the show you understand that this is trademark Vought propaganda, and it’s so popular that fans of both “The Boys” and “Gen V” both comment below the video playing along.

Gen V has already been approved for a second season, and in addition to Homelander, we had in season appearances from Ashley Barrett and Victoria Neuman. This kind of integration of “The Boys” universe now seems like gravy, considering how well Gen V handled its first season.

You can watch the video below.

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