Taylor Swift: Staying safe in the heat during her shows

Pop superstar, Taylor Swift, has postponed her concert in Rio De Janeiro on Saturday night, after a 23 year old fan died during the first show of The Eras Tour in Brazil because of the extreme temperatures.

Heat injuries are dangerous. In my time in the military, I’ve seen extreme temperatures topple trained killers the size of giants.

Here are some tips to beat the heat if you’re going to a Taylor Swift concert or any big show for that matter.

Hydrate before going to the show: Drink water before leaving the house. Many times cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, takes place because we were already dehydrated before hand.

Take advantage of hydration points: This one falls on the greed of some of the event venues. They don’t always let you bring water bottles into the show, and when you’re inside they charge $8 to $12 for a bottle of water. If there is a fountain or a chance to drink water, take advantage of it.

Avoid the booze: Listen, drinking at shows can be fun, but if the temperatures are high, you should hold off. Alcohol dehydrates you and can make things even worse. Wait until the after party in a safer location to have your cocktail.

Heat injuries can happen in the cold too: It doesn’t have to be that hot. If you’re in the cold and bundled up, you can still overheat. Be sure you’re drinking enough water.

Listen to your body: If you’re dizzy, tell your friends and find some help. Don’t take any chances. You’re too important.

What happened this weekend in Rio de Janeiro was a tragedy. And sadly, it happens more often than it should. The heat is a killer. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, and never take any chances with your health.

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