June 23, 2024

Carl Weathers trivia: Honoring the late acting legend

We lost screen and television legend, Carl Weathers, on Friday afternoon. He was 76 years old.

Weathers played several well known roles that we’re about to cover. You can host a trivia session in his honor.

Here we go.

1. In Rocky IV, Apollo Creed was accompanied to the ring by this musical legend, who was singing “Living in America” during his entrance.

Answer: James Brown

2. Weathers had a supporting role in the celebrated golf comedy, Happy Gilmore. What sport did Happy play before being mentored by Weather’s Chubbs in Golf?

Answer: Hockey

3. Weathers played himself and an acting coach in this early 2000s celebrated comedy about a dysfunction family.

Answer: Arrested Development.

4. While Weathers will always be linked to Sylvester Stallone because of the Rocky movies, he teamed with another action leading man, Arnold Schwarzenegger in this film about battling a killer alien in the jungle.

Answer: Predator

5. Weathers was born in this famous city which hosts Mardi Gras every year.

Answer: New Orleans

6. Weathers played Greef Karga, in this Disney Plus series, which also stars Grogu aka “Baby Yoda”.

Answer: The Manadlorian. (Buy Mandalorian merch on Amazon HERE)

7. How many times, both official and unofficial, did Rocky and Apollo actually fight?

Answer: 3

8. Weathers starred in his own 1988 action outing titled Action ______ or blank?

Answer: Action Jackson

9. In The Office, Michael Scott actually said he actually trusted Apollo Creed more than this religious figure

Answer: Jesus (By The Office Tshirts on Amazon HERE)

10. Weathers was actually the voice of Combat Carl in the fourth installation of this beloved Pixar franchise.

Answer: Toy Story 4

Rest In Peace. Drop your favorite Carl Weathers projects below.

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