July 24, 2024

The Dozen Daily Trivia Answers explained 2/2/24: Are you down?

Happy Friday, fellow trivia lovers! Let’s not waste anytime and break down the Daily Dozen Trivia answers for Friday, February 24th.

How did you do Frank?: Missed three. Not good not great.

Let’s gooooo

NFL: In January of 1988, this Washington QB became the first black QB to start in a Super Bowl, to start and win a Super Bowl, and earned MVP for his 4 TD performance in Super Bowl XXII.

Answer: Doug Williams

Explained: Part of a Gen X NFL childhood, along with Mark Rypien and Jeff Hostettler.

College Football: Joe Burrow originally attended this major conference school from 2015-2017 before transferring to LSU, where he’d win a Heisman and National Title.

Answer: Ohio State

Explained: THE Ohio State providing the biggest pro transfer portal argument of the era.

MLB: After making 4 All-Star teams with Boston, Jonathan Papelbon signed a 4-year $50 million deal with this National League team in November of 2011.

Answer: Philadelphia Phillies

Explained: Dude, threw some smoke on the video games too.

Retail and Shopping: Primarily serving the midwest and south, this company, founded in Iowa, is the third largest chain of convenience stores in the United States and is known for its breakfast pizzas.

Answer: Casey’s General Store

Explained: A convenience store phenomenon. They can set one of these up anywhere. I swore I wondered how a few locations even had electricity.

Celebrity Mash up:

Answer: Josh Gad and Miles Teller.

Explained: Gad was easy. Teller? Not so much. I guessed Shia LaBeouf

Beverages: Originating from the Netherlands, this vodka brand is distilled from wheat in copper pot stills, and on bottles, its name is in black letters, with the first letter behind a red background.

Answer: Ketel One

Explained: Some good vodka. But it gets lost in a crowded market.

Television: While not her first role, Lucy Liu really broke out after joining the cast of this Emmy-nominated FOX dramedy in 1998.

Answer: Ally McBeal

Explained: To all the Beyonces and Lucy Lius.. and Portia De Rossi’s and Callista Flockharts..

Shop Turtle Beach

Movies: In Stepbrothers, after John C. Reilly’s character Dale hears Will Ferrell’s character Brennan sing for the first time, Dale says Brennan’s voice is a combo of Jesus and what singer?

Answer: Fergie

Explained: One of the best lines in the movie.

Music: Featuring artists such as Lil Wayne, Sean Paul, and Lil Jon, this rapped dropped three Top 20 hits from 2009-2011: “Down,” “Do You Remember,” and “Hit the Lights.”

Answer: Jay Sean..

Explained: And our title clue was the 00s earwork. “Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down.”

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