Explaining “Da Bomb” NFL Blitz play invoked by Jason and Travis Kelce

Jason and Travis Kelce have got Gen X and older millenial gamers hyped right now after paying tribute to NFL Blitz, the 90s Midway arcade game that took pro football to an extreme level of ability and brutality, which found itself trending after a recent hit on their podcast.

Let’s talk about “Da Bomb” play that they mentioned.

It was a popular passing play that sent all of your receivers up field for a major gain. It was really tough to stop.

It was all most of us ever ran, not just because of the name, but because it was play that could make things happen when you were essentially giving away 50 cents a game.

And Midway was also where it was at in the 90s. We had NBA Jam,which was as fun and ridiculous as Blitz. It also gave us Mortal Kombat, which introduced a level of blood and gore never seen before in video games that began a national debate over exposure to violence that still goes on to this day.

You can check out the podcast hit below..

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As for other memorable 90s football video game violence, we can’t overlook cyber ball, which was another pricey arcade game outing with robots. And then there was Mutant League Football with violence on the grid iron involving monsters and of course, we can’t forget Jerry Glanville’s Pigskin Footbrawl.

Did you play NFL Blitz or any of the other titles mentioned? What did you think of the Kelce’s invoking NFL Blitz?

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