Grammy’s 2024 Trivia: Questions about nominees and performers

The Grammy’s are tonight. Let’s do some Grammy trivia…

1. Host Trevor Noah once hosted The Daily Show, replacing this beloved host who has recently announced he will be returning to the program on Monday nights.

Answer: Jon Stewart

2. Billie Eilish is set to perform at the event. Eilish grew up worshiping this teen idol who sang hits such as “Baby” and “Never Say Never” before more recent songs like “Ghost”.

Answer: Justin Bieber

3. Also set to perform at the ceremony is country superstar Luke Combs, who sings “Long necked, Ice Cold” about this beverage that has never “broke his heart”

Answer: Beer. The song is about beer.

4. One person who won’t be performing at the ceremony is regular winner Taylor Swift, who’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, will be playing in the Super Bowl next weekend as he leads the Kansas City Chiefs against this west coast team.

Answer: The San Francisco 49ers.

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5. Miley Cyrus and Brandi Carlile are nominated for “Thousand Miles”. A similar title to the piano centric “A Thousand Miles” which also got a grammy nominee for this artist

Answer: Vanessa Carlton

6. The Foo Fighters are nominated for Best Rock Performance for “Rescued”. Who is the lead singer of the Foo Fighters?

Answer: Dave Grohl

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7. This country star has multiple nominations and shouldn’t be confused with this dessert cake.

Answer: Jelly Roll

8. Rapper Nas is nominated this year reminding us of this legendary feud he had with another well known rapper.

Answer: Jay Z

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9. This globally recognized musician and star of the HBO show “The Idol” is not nominated this year after swearing off the ceremony a couple of years back.

Answer: The Weeknd

10. The show will take place at the arena formerly known as this office supply sponsor for the venue in Los Angeles.

Answer: The Staples Center.

Enjoy the show!

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