Succession: Best Kendall Roy Quotes

The eldest boy, Kendall Roy, arguably one of the most tragic characters on Succession, never seemed to be happy for very long. There were some happy times but they always seemed to end with him crying or staring off into the abyss.

But he gave us some of the show’s best quotes.

Let’s break them down..

(To his ex wife)

“I’m not saying I’m the man, but if there were a man, he would look a lot like me.”

(About the music, during his 40th birthday party)
“I thought we said all bangers all the time”

(During a meeting)
“I’ll throw in a **** job a reach around, hell, I’ll even cup his b****”

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(To the press before a party)
“*uck the patriarchy”

(Screaming from outside)
“FAMILY THERAPY! *Clap, clap, clap clap clap”

(At a press conference)

“The truth is that my father is a malignant presence, a bully, a liar, and he was fully, personally aware of these events for many years and made efforts to hide and cover up. He had a twisted sense of loyalty to bad actors. A disregard for the safety of migrant workers. Union and non union workers and for vulnerable performers and guests. My father keeps a watchful eye over his entire empire. And the notion that he would have allowed millions of dollars in settlements and compensation to be paid without his explicit approval is utterly fanciful.”

“I think this is the day his reign ends.”

(Threatening his dad)

“Tell him, I’m going to run up the beanstalk”

(To Menken on election)

“Stay hydrated”

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(On the phone)

“We detoxify our brand and go supersonic”

(Inspecting his office)

“Yeah, I think they’ve hacked my AC”

(After firing an entire company)

“Because my dad told me to”


“I’m looking for p**** like a techno Gatsby”

(In the car to Greg)

“Who said I never killed anyone. Juice is loose baby!”

(To his PR people)

“I think the headline needs to be *uck the weather, we’re changing the cultural climate”

(To his dad, who is struggling on a hike)

“Look at you. You’re 600 years old and you’ve *issed off your boyfriend the President and he’s sending the feds on you and you’re wriggling but you’re in too deep. Everyone knows. And now you’re trying to counter but you’ve put Shiv in there and she’s a *ucking dip*hit and I hear no one respects her. Everyone is digging her out and you’re losing control and everyone hates you.”

Logan: “Let’s just close the deal with Josh”

“He *ucking hates you too. You’re anti Semitic,*ucking, bagel and gold bull*hit”

(To Shiv)

“You’ve got your hands on my throat. So, don’t be *ucking Joan of Waystar”

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(To Gerri)

“My dad is a bastard. They need to know I’m a bastard too.”

(During an intervention)

“Why do you get to do an intervention on me? You need an intervention. You need an intervention. You need an intervention.”

(Rapping about Logan)

“L to the OG. Dude be the OG and he playin'”

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