Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League full story explained

The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a wild concept for non DC Universe gamers like you and me. The title jumps out at you and I had to watch a walk through online.

If you’re looking for the short answer, The Justice League needs to be killed because Brainiac has taken control of their minds during his invasion of earth and has transformed millions of humans into monsters.

We began with Captain Boomerang, Dead Shot, King Shark, and Harley Quinn in Arkham, when Amanda Waller recruits them from jail to stop an alien invasion that has taken over the world.

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Braniac has bought an armada to Earth and has managed to brainwash the Justice League. After breaking out of jail the first former hero we encounter is Green Lantern, who’s eyes are purple and explains what’s going on. In addition to taking over superheroes, they’re also turning earthlings into monsters.

The Suicide Squad tries to save the Flash but they’re stopped by Batman. A defeated group of villains turn heroes gets themselves together and manages to open up the Hall of Justice to find that Wonder Woman is still herself but she refuses a team up.

Everyone is searching for solutions, when they notice that Luthor Corp still has a Poison Ivy like operation going. The team meets what appears to be a younger version of Ivy and they team up before returning the middle school aged terrorist to the Penguin who is also helping out against the invasion. They continue searching for Luthor, who actually captures them before running into a now fully villanous Flash.

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Flash rips out Luthor’s heart before Wonder Woman can stop him and discover the only way to save earth is to kill her former friends. The squad manages to trick Flash out of hiding and using a device built by Toy Master, they kill him properly this time.

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An angry Green Lantern forces our Suicide Squad to an Earth 2 environment where Luthor (with a head full of hair and a ponytail) is still alive, and he convinces them to place a tracker on our reality’s Amanda Waller’s computer to discover what’s going on.

The squad has another encounter with Green Lantern before Earth 2 Luthor tells them to meet him at the Wayne Bank vault. There they find Wonder Woman building a shield made of Kryptonite. They also discover Waller intend’s to steal Brainiac’s mind control power to take over earth for the government, at whatever the cost to the Suicide Squad. Before leaving they also acquire the tech they need to bring down the Lantern’s protection over Braniac’s ships.

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After defeating Lantern, King Shark takes his ring and raises a huge shark to try to destroy the main ship but the power overtakes him and he loses control. They manage to wrestle the ring away before the shark destroys them all.

But immediatlely, Waller tries to nuke the main ship, only for Superman to stop the missile before impact. Wonder Woman is snatched by him after trying to confront him. They continue battling while the squad tries to get Waller to the Hall of Justice. They instead try to help Wonder Woman with Superman. They provide a temporary distraction, allowing Wonder Woman to stab him in the heart with a shard of Kryptonite but it doesn’t kill him and he flies away. Wonder Woman urges the squad to keep fighting before she dies.

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Back in the Hall of Justice, Luthor coaches Boomerang to convince Waller to bring him Batman to take his live tissue to create a Superman killer. With Ivy’s help they track down the Batcave and find a video he made describing how to kill each member of the Justice League. But right before they can get to Superman, the real Batman arrives and plunges them into darkness.

Using a fear toxin countermeasure concoted by Harley, they manage to take down a hallucinogenic, giant version of the Batman before shrinking him and taking him to Luthor Corp. Luthor takes the sample and creates Gold Kryptonite which should “dampen” his powers.

Decked out in gold kryptonite, they take Batman out into the open and execute him to draw out Superman. It works and they’re using the “gold K” they finally take down the “Man of Steel”.

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But the battle isn’t over with Braniac’s ship still sitting above Metopolis. While celebrating, he freezes them and show them his plan to take control of “their full potential”. But before anything can get done, Luthor teleports them back to his headquarters.

There he reveals that they will have to kill each iteration of Brainiac, to the group’s approval before Waller radios in to demand fealty from everyone including Luthor. When the group gets back to Waller he discovers that Luthor has hacked their computers and the two form an uneasy truce as the Suicide Squad embarks on their quest to destroy all 13 Brainiacs.

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