The Bear: Here is the Alex Gonzalez Cubs play Uncle Jimmy was talking about

“The Bear” on FX loves it’s Chicago roots, and it subtly immerses you in the windy city as the struggling characters on the show try to find redemption in reviving an old family restaurant.

But a real nerve was hit when Uncle Jimmy (played by Oliver Platt) talked about Chicago Cubs baseball in season 2, specifically the “Bartman” game 6 against the Florida Marlins in 2003.

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He brought up the Alex Gonzalez play in the 8th inning where he bobbled a ground ball that kept the Marlins alive and would ultimately lead them past the Cubs and to a World Series Championship.

While Bartman got most of the grief behind the misery of the Chicago Cubs all the way until they won a championship in 2016, many fans will tell you the Gonzalez play also had a big role in the collapse.

You can watch the play below..

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