July 13, 2024

WWE: Why Seth Rollins represents the fans in big Wrestlemania feud

After last night’s big Wrestlemania press conference, some fans are still angry. They can’t understand how many levels they are to this.

Some still don’t think Cody will get his moment. (He will)

Some still think The Rock’s ego is steering the ship. (It never was)

And some are angry at what Seth Rollins is doing in this feud. While he actually has the best part in this rectangle rivalry.

Seth Rollins is you. He is me. And I’m not even a big Seth guy.

Seth Rollins is the fans. I’ll explain.

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How often have you been shouting at the TV feeling neglected over the past few years when it comes to booking and storylines? Pretty often, I would guess, especially before the summer of 22.

Shouldn’t the WWE be paying attention to what you have to say? After all, you’re the one paying your hard earned dollar for Peacock and merchandise with an average relevancy life cycle of less than six months.

Seth was ignored and dissed several times by people that don’t believe he should have a voice in the conversation. They spoke to him the way we believe WWE bosses would speak to us if we sat in on a meeting. They would laugh at us and pretend like we have no business being there.

He’s the World Champion. Doesn’t he deserve to have a voice in the Wrestlemania line up?

That’s what makes this entire storyline so great. Everyone has someone to get behind in this angle.

Fans who don’t have a favorite in this rivalry can line up behind Seth.

Attitude era disciples can stand with The Rock.

And the cry babies can stand behind Cody. (Just kidding, just kidding).

This is a terrific build. Don’t ingest all the dirt sheet drama out there. Its toxic.

Let’s have some fun.

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