The Dozen Daily Trivia answers explained 2/10/24: Center Field Spell Check

Hello Trivia Fans! Happy Super Bowl weekend! And we’ve got some great Daily Dozen Trivia Answers for Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

How did you do Frank? Only missed one! Good times!

Here we go!

NFL: This NFC team went to the Super Bowl in back-to-back years during the 1996 and 1997 seasons, going 1-1, including a win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI.

Answer: Green Bay Packers

Explained: This blog was founded in Brown County. Go Pack Go!

MLB: In his 10th MLB season, this Atlanta Braves CF led the National League as he hit a career-high 51 Home Runs in 2005.

Answer: Andruw Jones

Explained: The spelling of Andruw has been giving baseball trivia nuts headaches for years. Be careful!

College Basketball: Thad Matta was the Head Coach of this Big Ten school from 2004-2017, leading them to two Final Fours and a National Title game appearance.

Answer: Ohio State

Explained: THE Ohio State had some great teams during that run.

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Geography: What is the capital of Iran?

Answer: Tehran

Explained: You either know it or you don’t

Celebrity Mash Up Answer: Austin Butler and Tom Holland

Explained: Most of us know Spiderman but we’ve already kind of forgotten about Elvis.

Chain Restaurants: In 2012, what sit-down chain added a line of “Bourbon Street” items to its menu, coming in burger, ribs, steak, and chicken & shrimp varieties?

Answers: Applebees

Explained: The real ones knew about it before the country song.

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Television: In 2017, MTV brought in Ludacris to host the reboot of this stunt game show that originally ran on NBC from 2001-2006.

Answer: Fear Factor

Explained: “Fear is not a factor for you”. OG Rogan Fear Factor was excellent.

Movies: Taking place during a high school graduation party, this 1998 teen RomCom starred Ethan Embry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Seth Green.

Answer: Can’t Hardly Wait

Explained: A generation fell in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt in this movie.

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Music: This American singer-songwriter hit #1 on the Billboard for the first time in 2023 with her song “Kill Bill” and has had other hit songs, including “Snooze” and “Good Day.”

Answer: SZA

Explained: Its been on top of the charts forever now. You should have accidentally remembered it by now.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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