July 13, 2024

WWE: Damage CTRL and “Mean Girls” do share some narratives

The Damage CTRL (Control) break up is one of the best things WWE has going for it right now heading into Wrestlemania. The story of Bailey’s heel faction slowly turning against her has been well told over the past few months and I can’t stop comparing it to another popular favorite.

That would be “Mean Girls”.

The OG version, not the musical.

This isn’t an exact match. WWE can book better than that and everyone has just been phenomenal. This is also closer to the last 30 minutes of the movie when everything goes sideways.

Bayley is Regina George turning face: She was mean. She was the leader. Now after trying to add to her ranks, the group has turn against her. And winning the Royal Rumble is Burn Book time.

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Dakota Kai is Gretchen Weiners: She’s been the number 2 and the communication bridge between everyone. She’s also supposed to be the most loyal, although we can see an eventual turn coming as well. At the end of the movie Gretchen also makes friends with the Japanese community.

Iyo Sky is Karen Smith: Anyone think that Iyo would rather still be a three piece without a Wrestlemania match against Bayley? Even though she’s champion, she gets pushed around a lot.

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Asuka is Cady Heron: We knew things were going to go bad when Asuka came aboard. She was the first new element and changes weren’t far off.

Kairi is Janis Ian: Janis was all about revenge against Regina and so was Kairi. Fans remembered that it was a hell Bayley that first injured Kairi before the pandemic and it kind of ushered her exit from WWE. And when Kairi joined Damage CTRL we knew it was over for Bayley. She’s never liked her.

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