Puppy Bowl gives us Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed ahead of Swiftie Bowl

Even Animal Planet and the Puppy Bowl are getting in on the expected drama of Super Bowl LVIII and the sideshow that is Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, playing against the San Francisco 49ers with his pop music superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift in attendance.

They’re giving us Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed, in the celebrity box seats.

Here is their full commentary..

“Up in the box seats, enjoying all of the action and excitement this afternoon is none other than Travis Klawce and Taylor Sniffed. It’s been reported that the sale of Klawce jerseys have double since they were first spotted in public. Quite the power pupple”

All of it is for a good cause. Many of the dogs playing in the puppy bowl are up for adoption.

As for their human being couterparts, Taylor Swift continues to be an added channel of exposure and revenue to the NFL since she went public with Kelce towards the beginning of this season. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has even commended her effect on the league, and many of the obsessed “Swifties” around the world have jumped on the Kansas City Chiefs bandwagon during the season and made normally regular moments go viral during games.

You can watch the actual spot below..

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What do you think?

Is this too much Taylor and Travis?

Was this a funny surprise during the beloved annual event?

Will you be watching the Super Bowl later tonight?

Let me know in the comments.

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