Blackpink’s Lisa in White Lotus is HBO’s “I’m sorry” for Jennie in “The Idol”

The cast of the third season of The White Lotus just keeps getting better, and today’s news of Lisa from Blackpink joining the cast (Variety story HERE), just gives us another reason to watch, as the HBO drama and sometimes murder mystery looks to deliver another great campaign.

But to bring things down to earth, HBO owes Blackpink. And really, they owe the fans.

This is because they broke up their tremendous Sunday night entertainment streak last year by giving us “The Idol”. One of the worst shows ever aired on the network that gave us Lily Rose Depp and The Weeknd, in a convoluted story that made no sense amidst a rumored troubled production and just broke down on the interstate without really telling us where it was going to begin with.

And stuck in the middle of that mess was another Blackpink member, Jennie Ruby Jane, who’s character appeared to be important, all the way until, she wasn’t and the story spiraled into a mess of contradictions and nonsensical plot twists.

So yeah, HBO has a very “Euphoria” adjacent group of viewers to make amends with.

And Lisa should be in much better hands. The White Lotus has been excellent for each of itś first two seasons and has the awards to show it.

And unlike Jennie Ruby Jane, who was surrounded by an untested cast of oddballs, Lisa will have Walter Goggins, Parker Posey, and many others as they head to what is looking to be a far east location for the show.

I can´t wait. It should be a good time.

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