Trending: Fans defend She Hulk and fourth wall breaking after Deadpool 3 trailer

After the Super Bowl premiere of the Deadpool 3 trailer, fans started discussing the breaking of the fourth wall, which has led to She Hulk trending Monday afternoon over who a debate regarding who started the trend first.

Deadpool has the earlier Hollywood treatment, many fans believe he was the first super hero to do it in live action.

When you discuss comics, there are mixed opinions on everything from different timelines to the very meaning of breaking the fourth wall itself. It depends who you ask.

And there were some She Hulk critics and defenders frustrated with the tone of the conversation.

Let’s go to the posts..

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What do you think?

Was She Hulk funny?

Does Deadpool enjoy a double standard?

Would you want She Hulk to appear in Deadpool 3? Let me know in the comments.

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