July 24, 2024

Trending: Here is why Shannon Sharpe wants to fight Mike Epps

The big online feud for your Monday is between Hall Of Fame tight end turned media personality, Shannon Sharpe, and comedian/actor Mike Epps. Epps began trending after the two recently exchanged insults online.

Why does Shannon Sharpe want to fight Mike Epps?: On a podcast with Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, Sharpe said that a celebrity was telling lies about their direct messages and Sharpe’s sexuality.
“Say my name again” Sharpe added “I’m going to see you” and “I come with shipping and handling because you’re going to get it”.

What did Epps say in response?: “I know this grown man is not mad at me.” Epps said in an online video “So many people talk crazy about you. They was on Saturday Night Live talking about you, imitating you.”

Epps conceited it was Sharpe by bringing up his popular interview with Kat Williams. He also said the two will be at the same event soon.

“You was trying to get Kat to talk crazy about me.” and added “I don’t do no fighting.”

He would go on to call Ocho Cinco a “whole milk dud” and that Sharpe looked “Zesty” stopping short of speculating about his sexuality.

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Is the Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps feud fake?: We don’t know. Sharpe is on top of the world right now with his still new First Take gig on ESPN going well, and his Club Shay Shay show making headlines every other time its on.

These headlines only benefit both celebrities. The only way it could hurt them is if they actually do get in a fight and cause each other physical pain.

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