Super Bowl LVIII: Trivia about the broadcast

The Super Bowl is in the books with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime to capture their third Super Bowl Championship in five years.

Let’s do some trivia about the broadcast.

1) The game was aired by this “Eye” network, which also airs “Survivor” “Big Brother” and “Blue Bloods”.

Answer: CBS

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2) This animated former Dallas Cowboys quarterback provided color commentary for the game. Sadly, he never won a championship himself

Answer: Tony Romo (more on his feed back HERE)

3) Post Malone shocked some viewers with a soulful performance of “America The Beautiful”. Music fans would also be shocked to learn he’s also an avid player of this fantasy card game

Answer: Magic The Gathering (More on Malone HERE)

4) Taylor Swift watched the game with her friend and this Gossip Girl lead actress

Answer: Blake Lively

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5) Lively is also married to Ryan Reynolds, who stars as this Marvel Super Hero who also had a trailer for his next movie with Wolverine premiere

Answer: Deadpool

6) Reba McEntire sang the National Anthem, in a performance that would have had chairs swinging in this reality singing show where she is one of the judges

Answer: The Voice

7) Usher delivered a memorable halftime performance. Who performed in last years halftime show?

Answer: Rihanna

8) One moment that had fans concerned was Travis Kelce getting frustrated and shoving his coach. Who is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs?

Answer: Andy Reid (more on that HERE).

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9) The game was held in Las Vegas as you might have figured out. What is the name of the dome/stadium venue where the contest took place?

Answer: Allegiant Stadium

10) Patrick Mahomes cut the “I’m going to Disney World” commercial following the game with his kids and his wife, who is now a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. What is his wife’s first name

Answer: Brittany Mahomes (more on Patrick’s controversial brother HERE)

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