ESPN: Jeff Saturday says Bears should keep Justin Fields and draft Caleb Williams

Passionate football debate this morning, as the panel on Get Up debated the future of the Chicago Bears, which has one of the most intriguing draft situations in modern history coming up in a couple of months.

Should they trade the #1 pick and keep Justin Fields, who has had flashes of brilliance during his troubled young career, in exchange for what could be a load of valuable players?

Or should they use the #1 pick to draft Caleb Williams, who many believe is the league’s next great franchise building quarterback?

Jeff Saturday says they should keep both.

“The reality is its an inexact science. And if you know what you have in Justin Fields, You know you can potentially have a lame duck coach. If you’re the organization and you have watched what happen to Mitchell Trubisky, you have watched what happened to Justin Fields to this point. Why would you go draft the #1 pick, throw him into an exact or very similar situation and expect a different result?”

He was met with disagreement from the rest of the panel, which included Dominique Foxworth, Dan Graziano, and host Mike Greenberg.

“That’s an impossible situation you’re putting you’re team in.” said Graziano

“You reduce the chances of Caleb Williams having success with Justin Fields there. If you want a bridge quarterback, get a bridge quarterback.” said Foxworth “Justin Fields is trying to resurrect his career.”

“All of all your ideas, and I love you. This is your worst one.” said Greenberg.

The Chicago Bears have said that nothing is off the table for the upcoming draft and their outlook changes by the week.

You can watch the segment below..

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What do you think?

Trade Justin, take Caleb?

Keep Justin, trade down for another star and more picks?

Let me know in the comments.

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