Trending: Here is why people are mad at Jon Stewart right now

Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show last night after a nine year absence, in what was expected to be a warm homecoming for the comedian and social commentator many believed to be the only sane voice in the room at times during his era as host.

But his reception has been mixed, and with a much larger amount of anger than he’s experienced in the past.

Why are people angry with Stewart?: When Stewart returned last night he previewed the upcoming election season through a political spectrum that has changed quite a bit since he’s been gone.

Stewart dissed both Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. While Trump supporters who are accustomed to his ridicule continued to dislike his message, many Biden supporters were caught off guard, especially since the show has been more friendly to his camp since he’s been gone.

This meant that both sides were relatively unhappy with Stewart’s perspective.

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Has Stewart fallen victim to an increasingly critical TV viewership?: Yes. Instead of criticizing the subject of a story for their actions, viewers on social media will often attack the personality delivering the show. We’ve seen it everywhere from sporting events such as Tony Romo during the Super Bowl this past weekend (more on that HERE) to Carrie Ann Inaba on Dancing with the Stars.

What happens now?: Nothing much. Stewart will fall into the regular roller coaster of social media criticism. And TV producers are much more aware that there are a lot more haters voicing their opinion online than they used to be.

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