Grand Crew: A “You Don’t Have To Call” scene appreciation post

Oh, Grand Crew.

NBC never understood what it had with you. The story of a group of wine loving friends from Los Angeles trying to all find their own kind of kindness never got a fair shot on NBC. Especially in it’s second season where it was scheduled on their Friday night comedy desert.

But it did give us the scene we’re about the watch. And after the Usher halftime show this past weekend, I felt like doing a scene appreciation post.

The “You Don’t Have To Call” scene featuring the Usher classic, where the guys are heading to a party.

There are some shot for shot comparisons with the actual Usher video and the entire sequence is just feel good stuff. Even though when they got to the party there weren’t enough chairs.

Let’s have a look.

The split screens are terrific. Each character getting a moment to pre game. The post shower scene every guy has reenacted before going out. Its all there.

Of course the best shot was the hallway dancing before knocking on the door. It was such a good looking frame that the show used it in it’s promos every chance it had.

It may have been the best use of popular music last year that wasn’t featured in “Beef” (Hoobastank, The Offspring) or “Twisted Metal” (Cake, Alice Deejay).

And on top of that, Grand Crew was a good show. You can find it on Peacock.

Now if we could just get the Michelle Branch joke on here.

We miss you Grand Crew!

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