Madame Web: The SNL joke that seemingly doomed it to bad reviews

Madame Web hits theaters this week, and while the box office haul will ultimately determine who laughs last, the ratings have been absolutely brutal.

Including the Rotten Tomatoes rating, which as of publication, stands at 16%. That could always go up. Or get even worse.

Which is an erie callback to a joke that Madame Web star, Dakota Johnson, made on Saturday Night Live during her recent appearance when she was promoting the movie.

During another ace Please Don’t Destroy Sketch, Johnson gets in a dissing contest with the trio over their own unfortunately received film, Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain.

“Wait. What did you say? I was just looking at your movie’s 42 percent on Rotten Tomatoes” she says in an epic burn.

I’m sure Madam Web producers would kill for 42% right now.

And sadly, that wasn’t the only joke regarding the film in the skit.

“I’ve always wanted to meet the star of Madam Web. Can you introduce me to Sydney Sweeney?” is another painful riff earlier on.

The bad reviews have led to Web trending in the negative right before release (story HERE) with some of the more brutal lines calling it worse than another Marvel underachiever in Morbius, analogies like the “Cats” of Superhero movies, and call backs to Catwoman from 04.

The good news is that Johnson, Sweeney, and most of the cast have already made it or will likely recover should the film really take a turn for the worst.

But you have to wonder if they were tempting fate by using this joke, and how unlikely it will be for another film to talk reviews before their own product is launched.

You can watch the SNL spot below.

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