July 25, 2024

Alert Missing Persons Unit: Show punting on Keith mystery is a cruel tease for viewers

Doh! Pacing issues.

That’s what Alert: Missing Persons Unit stumbled into with its tentpole mystery over whether “Keith” is actually the missing child of Nikki and Jason. The show ignored that tense ending of Keith being confronted by his abductor in the closing week of last week’s episode (story HERE) in favor a new mystery involving a missing twin and another cliffhanger episode.

It wasn’t a bad episode. Not by any stretch. The “Shannon” case had parallels with what we were dealing with now with Keith. There was also an inventive twist, even though most of us saw that coming as soon as Shannon dropped that violin line. We knew that body belonged to Georgina.

Then there was that heartbreaking scene with C. standing up Rachel on their date and breaking down at Kemi’s doorstep. I mentioned how much I was enjoying Elana Dunkleman’s work in the role. Who knew the show would drop this drama the day before Valentines?

We did get some “meat” at the very end. Sydney admitted to killing her brother, which is theory a lot of you had.

But we already knew that when the show didn’t begin with the impostor telling Jason and Nikki his abductor came to the house.

The problem is that we still have three episodes left. While I’m enjoying the show, you figure the next three episodes “Craig” (could that be “Keith?) Brianna, and Max will have to mop up that reveal and deal with the abductor.

It’s uncertainty. That’s good. But it’s disorganized uncertainty that doesn’t make sense. That’s not good.

Let’s see where we go. Its also getting to a point where we have to take into consideration the survival of the show. We haven’t got a renewal notice yet. The clock is ticking.

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