Here is some Fantastic Four cast announcement trivia!

On Valentine’s Day, the world finally found out who was going to be its next Fantastic Four.

What a perfect time for some trivia!

Let’s goooo

1. We learned that Pedro Pascal we’ll be playing Mr. Fantastic. He takes over for this “Multiverse of Madness” Actor, best known for “The Office” and directing “A Quiet Place”

Answer: John Krasinski

2. This isn’t going to be the first super hero outing for Pedro Pascal. He played the villain against Diana Prince’s hero in her 2020 sequel.

Answer: Wonder Woman 1984

3. Pascal also has an HBO show that recently announced some casting news that is based on a popular video game. What is that show called?

Answer: The Last Of Us

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4. While many enjoy Pascal’s father figure work in “The Last of Us” it’s arguably second to his work with Grogu on this Disney Plus show

Answer: The Last of Us

5. Vanessa Kirby will be playing Susan Storm aka the Invisible Women. Who was the “Dark Angel” star who played the same role in an earlier Fantastic Four movie.

Answer: Jessica Alba

6. Kirby was nominated for Best Actress for this 2020 film about woman tragically losing her baby.

Answer: Pieces Of A Woman

7. Fantastic Four may have a hard time reaching Kirby’s box office success from this other action/espionage franchise that stars Tom Cruise

Answer: Mission Impossible

8. Ebon Moss Bacrach, who will be playing The Thing, recently won a well deserved Emmy for playing Cousin Richie on this popular FX series about a family struggling to open a restaurant.

Answer: The Bear

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9. What is The Thing’s comic book catchphrase?

Answer: It’s clobbering time!!

10. Finally, Joseph Quinn will be playing The Human Torch. Which Creed actor played the super hero in the 2015 Fantastic Four movie?

Answer: Michael B. Jordan.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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