Simon Pegg Trivia To Celebrate His 54th Birthday!

Simon Pegg turns 54 today, Happy Birthday!

He’s one of our underappreciated but accomplished comedic actors. Let’s take a minute to celebrate his recent trip around the sun with some trivia.

1) Pegg has appeared in multiple films in this action/espionage franchise that also stars Tom Cruise

Answer: Mission Impossible

2) Pegg runs a marathon in “Run Fat Boy, Run” a film that features his romantic interest, who also appeared in the Mission Impossible series and starred in the HBO’s WestWorld

Answer: Thandiwe Newton (Thandie Newton is also acceptable)

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3) This 2004 zombie movie starring Pegg’s regular comedic partner Nick Frost, is actually regarded as one of the beloved zombie movies of the modern era.

Answer: Shaun of the Dead

4) Pegg and Frost would team up later in Hot Fuzz where they play two cops trying to an evil conspiracy. This Oscar winning actress for The Favourite actually has a supporting role in the film

Answer: Olivia Colman

5) The World’s End is considered the final entry in the Pegg/Frost series that has been given this name.

Answer: The Cornetto Trilogy

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6) Pegg actually has a role in this well regarded HBO mini series regarding World War II that also starred Damian Lewis.

Answer: Band of Brothers

7) “How To Lose Friends and Alienate People” gave Pegg the chance to star with Kirsten Dunst and Megan Fox in a feature where his character states his favorite movie is this Nicolas Cage action flick about a plane full of criminals.

Answer: Con Air

8) Pegg starred in this Sci Fi film reboot with Chris Pine that included Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba amongst its villains.

Answer: Star Trek

9) Pegg lends his voice to this Harry Potter video game that was released in 2023

Answer: Hogwarts Legacy

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10) Finally, Pegg has super hero experience too. In “The Boys” he plays the father of this non super powered character.

Answer: Hughie

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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