Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 2/18/24: Forgotten Kings

It may be a day of rest for most, but us Trivia fans aren’t here for it. Happy Sunday trivia lovers! We had some fun questions today! LFG!

How did you do, Frank?!: Missed one. I might be getting my swagger back!

NFL: Playing his entire career with the Packers from 1999-2012, this WR totaled over 10,000 receiving yards and had seven 1,000+ yard seasons.

Answer: Donald Driver

Explained: And it also got him a street named after him in Green Bay. Go Pack Go!

MLB: After his stint with the Cubs, Joe Maddon managed this American League team from 2020-2022.

Answer: Los Angeles Angels

Explained: We’re still talking about what he did in Chicago.

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Golf: In what U.S. state is The Masters played every year?

Answer: Georgia

Explained: Another Georgia-centric question after the Hawks answer from earlier

Geography: What is the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa

Explained: Gorgeous town. Some fun times to be had.

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Celebrity Mash Up Answer; Jason Bateman and Emma Stone

Explained: Funniest. Imaginary. Person. Ever.

Chain Restaurants: With over 200 locations, this American sit-down chain founded in 1972 was named after a Rolling Stones song.

Answer: Ruby Tuesday

Explained: When was the last time you ate in one?

Television: Party Down, Heels, P-Valley, and Blindspotting are all shows that originally aired on what premium cable channel?

Answer: Starz

Explained: This question shouldn’t have been hard for a TV blogger. But somehow it still was.

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Movies: Three childhood friends reunite and take a trip up a remote river in search of DB Cooper’s lost treasure in this 2004 comedy starring Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, and Dax Shepard.

Answer: Without A Paddle

Explained: Great question. Had to dig down deep for this one.

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Music: Combining for over 2 billion Spotify streams, this American rock band is most known for their 2008 songs “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody”.

Answer: Kings Of Leon

Explained: Part of the soundtrack for the late 2000s

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