Kenny Smith and Jay Williams did Women’s Basketball no favors this weekend

It’s 2024, we really shouldn’t even notice who’s calling basketball games or competitions, unless it’s too acknowledge how great their work is. You know, you’re Kevin Harlans, your Doris Burkes.

But yesterday, both Jay Williams and Kenny Smith both trended for saying ill advised things about the women’s game.

Let’s be clear. None of the two were straight out cruel. Williams, who refused to call Caitlin Clark great for reasons that contradicted the exact words he was saying were more confusing than angering (story HERE).

But we also have to talk about Kenny Smith refusing to just enjoy the epic All Star Weekend shooting competition between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu.

After the competition, which Curry won, the two competitors were sharing a pleasant time on the court and Smith insisted on redefining how the competition should have been done.

He argued about the shooting distance, the size of the ball, and even comparing the competition to the Men and Women’s tee in golf.

“I still root for Sabrina” he underlined. But he kept going.

We never heard Kenny Smith complaining Becky Hammon was helping him win The Shooting Stars Competition back in the day.

The problem with both situations can best be understood at one point. When the guys tried pushing the men’s game philosophy on to the women’s game state of play.

You never hear the women do that when their breaking down an NBA or March Madness game.

Both Clark and Ionescu deserve a salute. And Smith and Williams should use a little more care in the future.

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