BAFTA should have included Matthew Perry in “In Memoriam” segment

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts or BAFTA is facing scrutiny over it’s decision to exclude Matthew Perry from it’s “In Memoriam” segment at it’s film awards over the weekend.

While anger over exclusions from in memoriam segments are nothing new, and the “Friends” star will be included in the TV awards segment at a later date, BAFTA should have included Perry in the film segment as well.

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My argument isn’t necessarily over Perry’s film resume. It’s fine, he was in “The Whole Nine Yards” which was a hit, and was Selma Hayek’s biggest advocate right before her big jump into superstardom after they did “Fools Rush In” together.

But Perry should have been included because of excellence in multiple fields.

Do you believe EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winners) will be confined to just one space when they pass? Absolutely not.

And who’s to say he wouldn’t have gotten more done in the film realm if we hadn’t lost him so soon? He was only 54.

Then we have to note how easy it would have been to have had him included.

Award shows have had it rough over the past few years. This flub is just the latest reminder that they must keep listening to their audiences and refining what’s needed and what’s not.

Minimizing or eliminating host monologues to reduce running time is a big one. There are many who don’t believe we even need a host anymore. Every second is precious.

Hopefully, BAFTA is listening here and gives Perry a nice spot in it’s next memoriam.

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