NBA: Attempting to explain the Spike Lee meme from the Babyface anthem

Legendary film director, Spike Lee, has become a meme again after his response to Babyface singing the National Anthem before the NBA All Star game, which took place over the weekend.

Shortly after Babyface begins his rendition, the camera pans to Lee in white eyeglasses, who slightly tilts his head with a slight grin.

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Fans have become particularly sensitive to players and celebrities reactions since the Fergie anthem debacle a couple of years back. YouTube it. You won’t be sorry.

But why did Lee react this way?

He’s not on record saying anything. But Lee has been a fixture at big NBA games for decades. He knows where the cameras are, and when America watching him.

My guess. And it would be my guess. Is that Lee saw the camera swing to him during the song and was making sure he was on his best behavior during the anthem.

The Babyface rendition of the anthem was well received as the R&B star performed in front of his hometown crowd.

In a game where no one decided to play defense, the East beat the West, 211-186.

If you are looking for a touch of controversy over All Star weekend, check out Kenny Smith’s comments about Sabrina Ionescu HERE.

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