Daily Dozens Trivia 2/21/24: Undercover Entourage

It’s hump day, trivia lovers! And your Dozen Daily Trivia questions for Wednesday, February 21st was a pretty fun time to help begin the down hill ride to the weekend!

How did you do, Frank? Missed two. Not bad. Not great.

Here we go!

NFL: A recent Hall of Fame inductee, this Browns left tackle made the Pro Bowl in 10 out of his 11 seasons from 2007-2017.

Answer: Joe Thomas

Explained: Never won a Super Bowl but he won everyone’s respect staying in Cleveland all those years.

NBA: Patrick Ewing played the final season of his NBA career with what Eastern Conference team in 2002?

Answer: Orlando Magic

Explained: The meme. Also the first time I can remember an Orlando Magic answer in some time!

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MLB: In 2015, Zack Greinke exercised an opt-out clause to leave his contract with the Dodgers, then signed a 6-year $206.5 million deal with this NL team.

Answer: The Arizona Diamondbacks

Explained: And Greinke also played his high school ball in the Orlando area

Geography: After Bogota, the second largest city in Colombia is this city with over 4 million people and is known as the home of the Pablo Escobar drug cartel.

Answer: Medellin

Explained: Is it bad that I learned about Medellin and Pablo Escobar from Vincent Chase and Entourage?

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Kyle Chandler and Jessica Chastain

Explained: Yeah, good luck with Kyle Chandler. Fantastic actor but without that jawline, you ain’t finding Coach Taylor

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Beverages: Popular in the 1960’s, this orange drink mix gained notoriety again in the 1990’s for its advertisements featuring primates

Answer: Tang

Explained: Drank a ton of this stuff as a kid. Something didn’t seem logical about it.

Television: During Seasons 5 and 6 of Entourage, Jerry Ferrara’s character Turtle dates what Sopranos actress playing a fictionalized version of herself?

Answer: Jamie Lynn-Sigler

Explained: Watch the hyphen! And yeah, an actual Entourage question. Or perhaps a Sopranos question. Love both shows

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Movies: Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in this 2006 musical drama also starring Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy.

Answer: Dreamgirls

Explained: One word here. Be careful. And appreciate how quickly Hudson got her first Oscar after American Idol. Wow.

Music: This female country singer had Top 10 hit songs in the 1990’s and 2000’s such as: “This Kiss”, “Breathe”, and “The Way You Love Me”.

Answer: Faith Hill

Explained: You almost feel they should have included the Sunday Night Football song too. Right?

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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