July 23, 2024

“Speed” turns 30 as we celebrate the Reeves, Hopper, and Bullock action classic

“Pop quiz. You have a hair trigger aimed at your head. What do you do?

What do you do?”

Everyone’s favorite action movie that takes place mostly on a bus, turns 30 this year, but while we were all captivated by the concept of a “really large pinto” that would explode if it dropped below a certain speed limit, three decades later, its about the trio of stars for me.

The crazy thing is this might not even be a top three movie for Keeanu Reeves. And not even a top three movie in the action genre. Let that sink in.

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And Dennis Hopper was already a film legend when this movie came out. The thing is that Hopper earned even more accolades as the bomber in “Speed” he was a dastardly bad guy, who at certain times of the film didn’t even seem like he was trying.

But we do have to talk about Sandra Bullock.

While myself and everyone else was already sold on her after “Demolition Man” a year earlier, this is where she really took off and never looked back. She was cute and funny but it added to the action without being a distraction. After this it was “While You were sleeping” “The Net”, the sequel to this, which she actually held top billing and it keeps going on and on.

Throw in a couple of more Hall of Famers in Jeff Daniels and Alan Ruck and goodness, you just can’t say enough good things about the movie.

Critics might tell you the final act wasn’t needed and I can see that a little bit, but then we wouldn’t have those last 10 minutes on the train and that perfect Hollywood ending with a classic score.

I saw the movie in an Orlando suburb, in an older theater that is still open today. I wish I could watch it again there.

Happy Anniversary to Speed.

You can watch the trailer below..

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