July 13, 2024

“Collateral” 20 Year Anniversary celebrates memorable Cruise vs. Foxx outing

Tom Cruise as a villain. You don’t see it often, but if you give him a solid nemesis, it makes for a good movie.

“Collateral” wasn’t technically Cruise’s first role as a heel (Interview with a Vampire) but just like Brad Pitt propelled him in that movie, Jamie Foxx bounces off of him just as high. And it’s the chemistry between these two that I remember, as the movie turns 20 this year.

You’ve probably seen it, Cruise is a hitman who takes Foxx’s taxi driver hostage on a night full of killing in yet another georgeous film directed by Michael Mann in that same “Heat” tradition of cool that we still love today.

On opening weekend, the biggest takeaway from the movie for me was Cruise’s Vincent, an ace hitman that could give Ethan Hunt a run for his money. Just when you think that Mark Ruffalo’s cop has shown up to save the day, Vincent takes him out in a moment that got some audible groans of sadness from the audience. One of the biggest surprise movies deaths of its time.

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But later watches had me focusing more on Foxx’s Max. A small time cab driver with big plans, he’s a dreamer and he meets Jada Pinkett’s high powered attorney right before Cruise shows up in a sequence that has just the right touch of a subtle connection.

Its the kind of real life encounter that we smile about whenever we remember it.

But the film really picks up steam when Foxx stands up to Cruise and the wimpy dreamer has to fight for his life against this elite killer. And Vincent’s slightly descending outlook on Max’s life makes it feel pretty personal

“Collateral” is a top ten Cruise movie for me, and a top three Foxx movie in that same regard.

If you haven’t watched it since it’s release, you should. It holds up okay.

And yes, its a Transporter prequel in my book

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