July 23, 2024

Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for 2/22/24: Young TRL

Good morning Trivia Lovers! The weekend is almost upon us and we’ve got some challenging questions to shove you along. Today’s quiz was by no stretch easy. A lot of bleeding grids today. Here are your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for Thursday, February 22nd.

How did you do, Frank? Missed four. The massacre continues!

Here we go!

NFL: Following his run in the USFL, Herschel Walker joined this current-day NFC East team in 1986, where he would form a backfield duo with former Heisman winner Tony Dorsett.

Answer: Dallas Cowboys

Explained: Before he was in politics, he was in the NFL.

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NBA: Nick Young and Andray Blatche were two of the leading scores on this 2011 Eastern Conference team that won only 23 games.

Answer: Washington Wizards

Explained: Those Wizards teams were bad. And Bradley Beal was there for a really long time.

Golf: At one point ranked the #1 golfer in the world, this German golfer is a 2x major winner, having taken home the 2010 PGA Championship and 2014 U.S. Open.

Answer: Martin Kaymer

Explained: Was ist lost mit das?

Cars: First introduced in 1994, the Odyssey is a line of minivan models manufactured by what automobile company?

Answer: Honda

Explained: Not Hyundai. Honda. Don’t get it confused.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Carson Daily and Ana De Armas

Explained: Where did they get that Carson Daily photo from? 1999 Total Request Live? Maybe I just forgot what he looks like.

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Chain Restaurants: What fast food chain sold a failed version of bone-in wings dubbed Mighty Wings in 1990-2003, 2013, and for a short time in 2016?

Answer: McDonald’s

Explained: Always amazed how Mickey D’s tried to do tiered chicken. We go there for nuggets.

Television: Debuting on VH1 in 2006, this reality dating show saw the bachelor-type character handing out clocks instead of roses during elimination ceremonies.

Answer: Flavor of Love

Explained: When reality TV officially started ruining music videos on cable.

Movies: Emilia Jones plays a teenager who attempts to help her deaf family’s struggling fishing business while pursuing her own aspirations of being a singer in this 2022 Oscars Best Picture winner.

Answer: CODA

Explained; Good film. An Apple TV joint too.

Music: Along with a unique music video, this Norwegian synth-pop band is known for their 1984 song “Take On Me”.

Answer: a-Ha

Explained: The spelling here is jacked up. Lower case letters. a-ha

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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