Bears should keep Fields, and trade #1 pick for record breaking haul

The biggest current storyline in the NFL right now is the grid iron love triangle between the Chicago Bears, incumbent starting quarterback Justin Fields, and incoming projected #1 pick, Caleb Williams.

What should the Bears do with their second consecutive #1 pick?

Trade Fields and draft Williams, who many are saying is a franchise changing quarterback?

Or Keep Fields and trade the #1 pick, essentially handing Williams over to another QB needy team and making Fields their guy.

The answer is the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields and demand the biggest haul of trade assets in the history of the NFL.

Demand a King (or Trojan’s) ransom and take it. We can’t ignore the possibilites. Multiple #1 and #2 draft picks. Pro Bowl players as throw ins.

Take it all.

This shouldn’t be interpreted as a dis on Caleb Williams. You can take it as an indictment on Bears management. Matt Eberflus is lucky to have a job. I don’t think you can keep this brutal lack of continuity going any longer. Drafting Williams would turn back the clock for self serving management in what has become a common delay tactic for struggling teams.

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It should be deciphered as a vote of confidence in Justin Fields. He’s proven that when you let him ball, he can lead an impressive offense. Chicago has been so scared to take the training wheels off with his development, but when they have it’s paid dividends.

And when you take those tools with DJ Moore, and give him Marvin Harrison Jr. and a real offensive line the future for Chicago could be beautiful.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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