John Wick turns 10 as it continues its case for Best Action franchise ever

The first John Wick movie is already a decade old. And three sequels and a streaming series later, with more on the way, its makes a strong argument as the best action franchise ever. Certainly for the best for the modern era.

If by some chance you’ve completely missed out on the story, Wick is a widower, who lives a quiet life with the dog his wife left behind in a gorgeous house. When gangsters decide to invade that house and take his car, they also kill the dog that is the last memory of his wife.

And they do this not understanding he is one of the most lethal men on the planet.

The revenge tour begins unlocking some close quarters combat action that was almost unheard of during the time, along with a stylistic ultra cool world of contract killers with a code and language all of it’s own.

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To call John Wick action a “scene” is unfair. They’re sprawling sequences that have only gotten more elaborate as the franchise has grown. They might actually be running out of different weapons to use four movies in.

And what can you say about Reeves that hasn’t already been said?

He did this once with the Matrix. But unlike that Sci Fi franchise, the experience doesn’t slip. It gets more intense and the entertainment is steady.

While I can usually quote an opening weekend experience for classic movies (check out this anniversary for Speed HERE), I was late for the John Wick party. My friends couldn’t stop talking about it and I watched it at home.

But I would love to catch an anniversary screening of this action classic the next chance I get. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do the same.

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