July 23, 2024

Happy Birthday Teresa Palmer! Let’s do some trivia to celebrate!

The lovely Teresa Palmer turns 38 today, and as I was looking through her catalog, I thought “Hey, she’s done a lot of fun stuff!”.

And it’s with that fun stuff that we do some trivia today to celebrate her life and career. Here we go!

1) While Palmer regulary uses a flawless American accent, she’s actually from this country that also gave us stars like Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie, and is also hone to the Sydney Opera House.

Answer: Australia

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2) Palmer starred in this 2010 magical adventure that featured Nicolas Cage as Balthazar and Alfred Molina as Horvath.

Answer: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

3) Teresa stars in the cult favorite “Warm Bodies” with this actor who’s played in “The Great” “Mad Max Fury Road’ and was recently casted as Lex Luthor in the next “Superman” film.

Answer: Nicolas Hoult

4) Palmer had a part in this 2015 re imagining of the classic action movie starring Patrick Swayze and Keeanu Reeves.

Answer: Point Break

5) Teresa would share the screen with “That 70s Show” star Topher Grace in this film that shares a name with a popular Eddie Money song.

Answer: Take Me Home Tonight.

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6) Palmer is also in “Hacksaw Ridge” which was directed by this controversial actor who starred in the “Lethal Weapon” movies and directed “Passion of the Christ”

Answer: Mel Gibson

7) Staying with Hacksaw Ridge, Teresa also shares the movie with this actor who played Spiderman in “The Amazing Spiderman”

Answer: Andrew Garfield

8) In a unique film you may have missed. Palmer starred in this movie named after a time you might see on the clock some would refer to as triple deuces.

Answer: 2:22

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9) Teresa had a role in this 2006 horror sequel which at one point featured Sarah Michelle Gellar

Answer: The Grudge 2

10) Like everyone it seems, Palmer has been in a movie with this longtime actor who has starred in “Uncut Gems”, “Happy Gilmore”, and the movie they appeared in together “Bedtime Stories”

Answer: Adam Sandler

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Birthday Teresa!

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