Let’s Do Some Michael Bolton Trivia To Celebrate His Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite Grammy winning crooners, Michael Bolton, who turns 71 today. Whether he had the world singing power ballads in the early 90s or making us laugh more recently with his on screen work, he’s always been an important part of popular culture.

Let’s do some trivia in his honor!

1) According to a popular Michael Bolton song, “this” is a wonderful thing that will make you smile through the pouring rain.

Answer: Love is a wonderful thing

2) What powerful Michael Bolton song that has us questioning everything begins with “I could hardly believe it, when I heard the news today.”

Answer: How am I supposed to live without you?

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3) What Michael Bolton song was actually the title of an early 90s drama that starred Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia

Answer: When a man loves a woman.

4) Which late 90s Jennifer Aniston comedy featured a character named after Michael Bolton that has since become a work place classic?

Answer: Office Space

5) Bolton was recently a co host on the rediscovered Celebrity Dating Game with this lead New Girl actress?

Answer: Zooey Deschanel

6) Michael has had a hilarious partnership with the Lonely Island, led by Adam Samberg, which rose to stardom on this weekly sketch show

Answer: Saturday Night Live

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7) Bolton’s most famous SNL skit showcased his obsession with this lead Pirates of the Caribbean character. We want the character name, not the actor.

Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow

8) Bolton actually appeared in the 2016 Lonely Island film titled this.

Answer: Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping

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9) Michael actually appeared in the popular sitcom “Two and a Half Men” which once starred Charlie Sheen. Which “That 70s Show” actor replaced Sheen after his controversial exit?

Answer: Ashton Kutcher

10) Bolton was born in 1953 in Connecticut. Tell me. What is the state capital of Connecticut?

Answer: Hartford

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Birthday Michael Bolton!

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