Happy Birthday John Turturro! Here is some trivia!

Happy Birthday to John Turturro! He turns 67 today and over the decades has logged some really memorable roles is some classic films.

To celebrate his birthday, let’s do some trivia about his career!

1) Turturro had a role in this blockbuster movie franchise based on a popular toy.

Answer: Transformers

2) One of John Turturro’s more popular roles is from the “Big Lebowski” where he has a similar name to this religious figure.

Answer: Jesus (or The Jesus)

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3) In the Big Lebowski, what was the featured sport that Turturro played?

Answer: Bowling

4) John has recently starred in this mind bending Apple TV series that also stars Adam Scott.

Answer: Severance

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5) Turturro stars in this 2000 classic that loosely resembles “The Odyssey” while also starring George Clooney.

Answer: Oh’ Brother Where Art Thou

6) In Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Turturro sings back up vocals on this popular song from the movie.

Answer: I am a man of constant sorrow.

7) John Turturro had a role in Quiz Show, an awards show favorite directed by this star of “The Natural”

Answer: Robert Redford

8) Turturro plays gangster Carmine Falcone in this recent iteration of a popular comic book character played by Robert Pattison

Answer: (The) Batman

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9) John shares the screen with Matt Damon in this popular film about gambling and playing cards.

Answer: Rounders

10) Turturro had a role in the late 80s film “Do The Right Thing” directed by this celebrated director.

Answer: Spike Lee

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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