Richard Lewis Trivia Honoring The Late Great Actor

We lost Richard Lewis this week. He was 76.

But he leaves behind a great body of acting work with other gifted performers.

Let’s pay tribute to Lewis by remembering some of his work right now with some trivia based on some of the shows he appeared on.

1) Lewis was of course part of this great HBO show starring Larry David and an unmistakable theme song

Answer: Curb Your Enthusiasm

2) Richard Lewis made a big push in Hollywood starring in “Anything but Love” with this Halloween star actress.

Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis

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3) Lewis of course played Prince John opposite of Cary Elwes in this 1993 Robin Hood spoof. We’re looking for the entire memorable title.

Answer: Robin Hood: Men In Tights

4) Richard Lewis starred in this sin city, alcohol-fueled drama, which won Nicolas Cage a Best Actor Oscar

Answer: Leaving Las Vegas

5) Lewis did an episode of VIP in the late 90s which starred this bombshell Baywatch star.

Answer: Pamela Anderson (Pamela Lee)

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6) Richard Lewis once had an appearance on this super spy 2000s show that starred Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper

Answer: Alias

7) Blink and you’ll miss Richard’s cameo in the “Break Stuff” video from this Fred Durst fronted, buzz rock band.

Answer: Limp Bizkit

8) Lewis had a stint on 7th Heaven which starred this actress who ended up marrying Justin Timberlake.

Answer: Jessica Biel

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9) You’ll hear Richard’s voice in an episode of this Netflix Animated Adult Comedy that stars Will Arnett in the animal/human hybrid lead.

Answer: Bojack Horseman

10) Finally, Richard Lewis dropped in on this Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer sitcom which suffered through a messy break up phase with one of it’s stars.

Answer: Two and a Half Men.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

Rest In Peace Richard Lewis. Writing this post reminded me of the great work you did.

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