Extraordinary: S2 E2 Explaining Nora and her powers

Extraordinary is off to a terrific second season start, in addition to keeping the concept of everyone having powers fresh, they’re also introducing new characters, including Nora, who is Jizz’s newly rediscovered wife.

If you’re not normally into superhero stuff, her power can seem a little confusing.

Nora is a telepath, which means she can communicate without speaking, which is why Jen hears her voice during the last minute of the show, where she let’s her know how much she really despises her and pledges to get Jizz back for tax reasons to watch her son, who she doesn’t really like either. She’s a nasty one for sure.

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The most notable popular telepath you may have ran into before is Professor X. Telepathy is actually a really cool power, because it’s like understanding code on a computer.

This means in addition to communicating, some telepath’s can actually read thoughts and plant suggestions (a mild mind control really), they can make people see things that aren’t really there, or transfer memories from one place to another.

Which is why Nora is a really successful social media influencer, she has a better understanding of what her followers really think.

None of these rules with telepaths are concrete. While you’ve got people like Professor X that have free reign over someone’s mind, you’ve also got heroes like Deanna Troi from Star Trek who’s powers are rolled out during the long mythology in a more subtle way.

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Using a telepath as a villain is an unusual choice because it’s a power that could be used to help people, but then again we love Extraordinary because it does things out of the ordinary.

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