Extraordinary: S2 E3 Why Dahlia was possibly able to overpower Carrie

“The Exorcism of Carrie Jackson” is a title that jumps out at you during the second season of Extraordinary, but it’s also one that may have had some answers about Carrie’s power that you’ve probably wondered about before.

What if a dead spirit didn’t want to leave?

That was the case when Dahlia, a classic diva actress, who was also a psychopath, took over Carrie after she was trying to seek advice on how to be sexy. It took something of an exorcist to force her out of her host, and the experience also allowed Jen to tell her friend that she loved her possibly helping her discover her own abilities as well (my prediction was that she would tell Carrie while she was channeling her dad).

Why hasn’t this happened before?

It appears that it was because Dahlia believed that reviving her legacy in Carrie’s body would have been better than whatever after life she was currently experiencing in the great beyond.

And it also made us wonder how dangerous of a power Carrie has. If she hadn’t already channeled Hitler, then we’d probably already be even more worried.

Next time she should just Princess Diana again.

But here is another question you might have..

Would Jizz had kept his junk if neutered in cat form?


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We were all probably cursing under our breath when we saw our man-cat get abducted by a cat population control group. He was being prepared to be neutered when he was able to escape.

But if he hadn’t been so lucky what would have happened.

That’s a question for show runners. It’s possible that Jizz could have regenerated when he reverted. If he lost an eye as a cat, would he be wearing a patch?

The things we think about when watching TV.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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